We are so proud to have been a part of the 22nd Annual David Rice Memorial Angel Run benefiting Holy Angels in Shreveport. The morning was full of laughter, running, food, dancing, and FUN! There were so many moments during this event that were special, here are just a few!

  1. The Shoe: The centerpiece of it all was the real-life Angel Run Shoe! This was made in collaboration with C&C Mercantile and ART by Lauren. Working with local businesses on unique projects for our clients is one of our favorite parts of our job! This shoe instantly became a guest favorite and we hope it can be used in future Angel Runs!
  2. The Little Details: Once the shoe’s design was created, there was no stopping there. From shoe trophies and medals to shoe tattoos, the design could be spotted all around the Holy Angels Campus to tie everything together.
  3. The Runners: No, we did not run (we didn’t want to outshine those who have trained so hard). We did, however, get to cheer on the runners from the finish line. Fun fact: The First-Place Overall winner ran the entire 5k in only 15 minutes!
  4. The Residents: The Holy Angel’s Residents hold a very special place in our hearts. They had a blast running and dancing at the event.
  5. The Food: What’s better after a 5k at 8:00 in the morning than burgers and hot dogs? Do you have an answer? No? That’s what we thought. Special thanks to the Knights of Columbus for catering to the hungry crowd!