Starting off as an app called, which was made for short dancing videos, TikTok has become one of the most downloaded apps worldwide. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, TikTok has over one billion users, gaining the record for most downloads in the first quarter of 2020, when 315 million people installed the app as the pandemic began. TikTok is used for a variety of reasons: entertainment, tutorials, recipes, education, and now, increasing brand awareness for businesses all around the world.

While not only being a way for businesses to stay on top of trends, TikTok is good at keeping people on the app. The average time a user is on the app per day is around 45 minutes.

Businesses big and small are using TikTok to increase brand awareness. Using the latest trends allows a business to have a little fun while they reach and can gain trust with an audience.

Some companies are not only using the latest trends to keep their audience on their toes but are also collaborating with some of the top influencers on the app to promote their products. This is beneficial since influencers understand TikTok, and its algorithms. They more than likely already have a following that fully trusts them. Which in that case means if they act like they love your product/service, their audience will want to purchase that produce/service. Businesses like Bang Energy Drink and Chipotle are known for their partnerships with influencers with millions of followers.

The app also offers flexible ad campaigns and packages for your businesses, so they are almost guaranteed to show up on your target audience’s timelines.

So, how can you start?

  1. Sign Up under a business account.
  2. Research – Figure out your target audience and what trending for them. Yes, this means you can laugh at some TikToks for a bit.
  3. Set goals.
  4. Create a voice for your brand.
  5. Get started making content!

Does it sound like TikTok could help you promote your business?